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Tween & Teen Therapy

As kids get older, they start to test boundaries and want more independence.  They can start to push parents away making communication increasingly difficult.  The parent child relationship may become strained and distant.  Arguments about grades, homework, chores, and curfew can become the norm.  

The lives of today's children and teens are defined by their technology and media use, and their love of electronic communication....Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat....just to name a few.  Research has shown a drastic decline in the mental health of kids that strongly correlates with the release of smartphones.  Kids report feeling sad, hopeless, left out, lonely, and anxious.  There has been a drastic increase in clinical level depression and a substantial increase in teen suicide. 


Why is this happening?  Why is the mental health of kids declining because of electronics?

When were in school, we didn't know every time there was a party, sleep over, or other event we weren't invited to.  Now there are posts, pics and snaps constantly in their face.  We didn't care what we looked like when we hung out with friends.  There were no cameras or videos around documenting our every move.  When we were bullied or teased at school, we could leave it behind at the end of the day.  Now it follows them.  It's all public knowledge and anyone can watch or join in.

Teenage years can be difficult to navigate as they deal with increased academic pressure, social pressure, personal responsibilities, and fluctuating hormones all while trying to carve out their own identity.  Sometimes they don't want to talk to mom or dad, but talking to a counselor who is neutral in a safe and comfortable environment can help them work through the difficult things they are facing.  Counseling provides them with the tools and skills necessary to process what they are feeling, communicate in more effective ways, and identify and change self-defeating behaviors.

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