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Are you in a constant state of worry?  Do you feel tense, irritable or on edge?  Are you experiencing panic attacks?  Difficulty sleeping?  You may be suffering from anxiety. CBT and Solution-focused therapy can help bring you to a more functional and balanced state of mind. Anxiety is one of the most common reasons people seek therapy, and effective therapy can significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms in a relatively short time.  Psychotherapy aims to identify and address the source of the anxiety. The self-reflective process helps people to understand, unravel, and transform anxiety.  Thought stopping, breathing & relaxation exercises, mindfulness and practicing self-care are just a few of the techniques we will work on together.


Feelings of sadness, a lack of motivation, tiredness and an overall feeling of "blah"?  CBT helps you identify how your own thoughts and behaviors contribute to your depression. We will help you learn ways to react to things and challenge your preconceptions. Interpersonal therapy focuses on how your relationships with others play a role in your depression. You will learn how to spot unhealthy behaviors and change them.  One-on-one sessions can help you identify specific stresses and triggers that worsen your depression. We can help you work through issues at home, at school, or at work, and encourage you to maintain healthy connections with family and friends.  We can also help you adopt good habits and lifestyle changes to more effectively manage your depression.   

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